Our Services


Whether it be a complete strip down, full rebuild or a box of bits – we can work with you to make the dreams for your vehicle come true.

The phrase ‘Classic Car Restoration’ covers a wide spectrum of how far a person wants to go with a particular project. It’s not an exact science because until some components or panels are dismantled and tested, it’s impossible to see what’s required. That said, and having been caught out before, we don’t want our customers paying out lots of money for unexpected work they didn’t necessarily want doing.

We are determined to implement a process that keeps everything transparent, fair and enjoyable for everyone involved.

Our Three Stage Process.


Stage 1. Estimate

The first part of our process is to provide you with a free initial estimate of what we believe the likely budget would need to be to produce the vehicle of your dreams. The more detail you can provide and some good quality pictures make it easier for us to provide an estimate. Once you’ve completed the form, we will be in touch with our initial estimate of what we believe the cost of the project will likely be. There is no cost and absolutely no obligation for requesting an estimate.


Stage 2. Detailed Inspection

If you approve our initial estimate, we will arrange to collect the vehicle and bring it back to our workshop for a detailed inspection report. This involves going through the vehicle in great detail cataloguing the condition, serviceability of all the components along with the condition of the chassis, bodywork and paintwork. We photograph all inspected areas and compile a detailed report on your vehicle. We will agree a nominal charge for this service prior to collection and should you choose not to proceed, we will return the car back to you with the report. If you accept our proposal there will be no charge for this service and we can proceed to Stage 3.


Stage 3. Project Start

Once the estimate is complete and we have agreed the scope and budget for the project – we can get to work! We want you to be involved and enjoy the process. You’ll be kept fully up-to date as the project progresses through the different stages with regular progress calls and photo updates. Our vastly experienced and skilled technicians are all enthusiasts in their own right and you can be assured that the work will be delivered to the highest standard. We use a staged payment plan, invoicing you at the end of each month, meaning you pay in bitesize chunks for the work carried out in that period.

Our ethos is enjoyment, transparency and fairness and that’s what we aim to deliver throughout the project.

Service & Repair

Our workshops can carry out full servicing and repair work for you, whether it be in preparation for that special summer journey or checking your vehicle over prior to the winter. We have the skills and facilities to carry out the work and give you total peace of mind.

We also carry out any diagnostic and mechanical repair work should you have any problems.


If your pride and joy is starting to show some signs of wear and tear; aren’t we all, we can work with you to go through the areas of your vehicle you want to freshen up. Whether it be mechanical, fabrication, paintwork or upholstery; we can get it looking exactly how you want it.


If you are looking to modify your vehicle we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver the performance or the look you’re after. This could be engine tuning or upgrades – right up to full American chopped rods. Please share your car dreams with us and we will work with you to make it happen.


Our in-house trimmer is capable of taking on anything; be it a full bespoke interior or a minor seat repair. We will work with you to ensure you get the finish you want from the materials you choose. We will make sure the seat colour choice, carpets and headlining all blend to deliver a stunning interior finish.