Vapour Blasting (also known as Aqua Blasting) is the process of cleaning and restoring metals, such as vehicle components and parts.

Our bespoke Vapour Blasting machine plays an important role in our vehicle restoration process, helping to bring old, oily and rusty parts back to life.

We also use our Torrent PartsWasher to ensure the product is clean and grease free before Vapour Blasting.

And it’s not just vehicle parts – we are happy to take on one-off jobs with any of your metals that need sprucing up!


   Non aggressive technique that removes dirt, corrosion and grease from the surface.

✓   Surfaces are cleaned using a combination of water, compressed air and glass bead.

✓   Great milder alternative to sand blasting whilst still getting that great finish.

✓   Grit blasting also available.

 Why VC Classics?

Here at VC Classics, we pride ourselves on our service and truly believe it’s what sets us apart.  We know that classics have that sentimental value and we make it our mission to deliver a friendly service you can trust in.

Our ethos is honesty, transparency and fairness in all we do and everyone we encounter. 

We aren’t just classics and full restorations, our high quality vehicle services are available to carry out one-off jobs on any vehicle from our well equipped facilities in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.


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